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Design Code
Product Brand

“I strive to solve real world problems with elegant, expressive and lasting design that embodies both math poetry.”

I believe in building systems, and doing things a bit differently. I believe that a well designed product can have a real and tangible impact on our everyday lives.

I enjoy leading teams by taking on a “player-coach” role. I'm most fulfilled when confronting the challenges of tech within spaces of collaboration, critical-thinking and rapid innovation.

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My first programming experience was with QBasic & Turing.

Hello World

Digitally augmenting my creativity since the age of the floppy disk

As a child I explored the digital world as a medium, through video game modding, digital painting and music production. In high school, I focused my energy in new media and the arts, even hosting our monthly school CCTV show. During my post-secondary studies at George Brown’s School Of Design in Graphic Design, I explored the relationships between image and type, as well as user and data; by majoring in Typography and minoring in Information Design.

After graduating, I cut my teeth at a startup digital marketing firm. Starting as a Junior Designer, eventually rising to the position of Creative Director. I built web apps for the financial and educational industry. I worked hands-on on the projects, while managing a team of developers, designers and copywriters.


3 labels, 4 EPS & 2 juno nominations later

“All Night” from Secret Drugs Volume 3 on Rare Beef


I pivoted into the music industry, designing brand packages for record labels, artist collectives, events and blogs. Eventually, I obtained enough notoriety to parlay my passion for counter-culture and storytelling into positions at record labels as marketing director then creative director. I launched my own music label focused on developing emerging electronic musicians.

“Saviour” from Saviour/No More on Armada


Simultaneously with my marketing and design work in the music industry, I worked as music producer and songwriter, creating many internationally recognized works; 2 music videos, 3 EPs and a single. In addition to my solo work, I produced music for others including contributing to 2 Juno nominated albums. Take a listen to some of my music at soundcloud.com


Joining Silicon North's start-up scene

While still in the music industry, I was awarded a Bell Media grant to develop an online video game for an artist on my record label. This opportunity reminded me of my love for the combined challenges of design, development, and user experience. I decided my pursuits in music were complete and pivoted towards entering the start-up tech industry. I was hired at Uberflip to develop, launch and lead a professional services department named “onBrand”.

At Uberflip, I managed a team of front-end developers that operated as an internal digital agency, providing the “onBrand” product service to all Uberflip customers. My primary function was to create bespoke experiences and integrate Uberflip into each customer's unique content marketing tech stack. Additionally, I designed and developed internal tools and integrations to improve company operations and partnered with the customer success team to promote both innovation and upsells, proactively identifying real-world opportunities to build proof of concepts for new product features.

In A Different


Currently, I'm Senior Product Designer at League, a digital health, wellness and insurance platform. League employed me to elevate the design language and optimize the Admin experience, an app used by both the internal support and success teams, and by League's B2B customers. I remodelled the information architecture and taxonomy, standardized interaction patterns and user flows, and componentized the new interfaces into a design system.

As a result of my contributions, I was brought over to the “member” team to bring the same polish and consistency to League's consumer-facing product, a browser and native mobile app that combines live chat, insurance claim submission, wellness market, service booking system, and health goal tracker in one experience.


A small collection of work from throughout my career

Thanks to NDAs, hard drive failures and langoliers, I'm only able to provide the extent of my work seen here.
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